Borned in México, actually living in Madrid, Leonor Ruiz Posada is an opened minded, self-taught artist who likes to experiment.  She started painting since a very young age.  Her artworks are predominantly abstract and characterized generally by a mixture of textures and materials.


Much of her work takes inspiration in artists like Jean Degottex, Eduardo Stupía and Pierre Soulages, however her style of expression on her paintings are mainly the expression of immediacy and non-thinking impressions.  Her art supports that painting is the final place where mind, heart and body merge. Leonor´s pieces are fruit of her inspiration, feelings and wheeling to express her body through painting.


The reason of painting is the result of her insatiable need of expression. A unique characteristic of Leonor is that she almost never uses brushes, making her an artist who breaks the rules and loves to paint with her hands, a mop, a leaf or almost anything she finds to make a painting whit her own signature.

Simplicity is the main core of her paintings.